Yan Tang

In 2000, Yan Tang got her bachelor in computer science and technology from the department of computer science, Northwestern Polytechnical University of China of China (NWPU), which now is the School of Computer Science from NWPU. Yan obtained the master in applied computer science from the department of applied computer science from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in 2003, and the master in business information system from the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Management School Solvay from VUB in 2004. She got her PhD in science in 2009.

Yan is now working as a senior researcher and post-doc at VUB STARLab (Semantic Technologies and Applications Research Laboratory). Her research interests include semantic decision making, semantic decision table, knowledge engineering, semantic ubiquitous systems, ontology based application architecture and business rules.

Since 2004, Yan has been working on five EC projects and two national IWT projects, which cover the application fields of human resource management, fraud detection, privacy & identity management, eLearning & training and do-it-yourself smart experiences management.

In 2010, she has published a monograph concerning semantic decision tables.