Robert Schmaal

Robert Schmaal was first introduced to FBM (FCO-IM) in informatics courses at secondary school about database development. After obtaining his B ICT degree in Technical Computer Science at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen (2005), he was reintroduced to FBM (ORM) during courses at the University of Groningen where he obtained his MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management (2010). His MSc thesis describes the research he conducted at the European Space Agency (ESA) to formally produce XML Schema Definition (XSD) documents from FBM conceptual data models as part of the overall solution to solve interoperability issues between the data repositories of all stakeholders in ESA Space System projects.


Robert started his professional career as a Young Graduate Trainee (YGT) at ESA and currently works there as a data modelling engineer. His main activities involve research and development related to FBM, the FBM working group, and developing and reviewing data model specifications of ESA projects. He also recently published and presented his first professional article at the 2011 OTM Workshops (ORM) in Greece.