9 November 2015

The latest version of the FBM Exchange schema, is published here.

6 June 2012

During the ISO Berlin meeting, FBM was introduced.

The presentations given can be found through the following links:

The resolution was taken to further investigate how fact-based modeling and the meta model for registration of fact based models can be introduced in ISO.

19 April 2012

A second working document has been delivered to ISO JCT1/SC32/WG2. In contrast to the first version that was delivered in October 2011, this working draft specifies the means to register fact-based models. The document is based on FBM Exchange schema WD06. 

See for more details. 

1 February 2012

The review of the FBM Exchange schema WD06 has been completed. The processing of the review item discrepancies has been initiated.

16 December 2011

The OMG Semantic Information Modeling for Federation RFP has been issued. Sjir Nijssen has participated in the preparation of this RFP. The RFP can be found at the following link:

1 December 2011

The review of Working Draft 6 of the FBM Exchange Schema by the working group members, has been initiated. 

26 October 2011

One of the objectives of the working group is to standardize a fact based modeling exchange schema that allows exchanging conceptual information models between modeling tools (fact based modeling, UML, XML, relational, ...). For this purpose, several standardization organizations have been contacted.

A preliminary version of a working draft of the fact based modeling exchange schema has been delivered to ISO for assessment (refer to:

7 October 2011

Launch of this website. The objective of this website is to make fact based modeling known to public. It contains the ongoing work of the FBM working group.