Necito Dela Cruz

Necito dela Cruz is currently working for Boston Scientific, USA, as an Enterprise Data/Information Architect. He has taught ORM classes for BSC IT personnel and has established ORM as the preferred data modeling methodology enterprise-wide.

In late 1970, while working for Control Data Corporation (CDC), USA, he was involved in the productization and marketing of predecessors of ORM; ENALIM and NIAM. He also managed CDC professional consulting group that developed CDC mainframe database applications based on NIAM. In addition, he managed and led the development of the first PC-based (PC IAST) tool to support NIAM. Since 1980, he has been a practitioner and champion of fact based modeling used in many consulting engagements involving: data architecture, development and deployment of data warehouses, and applying business intelligence applications in a broad set of functional areas: manufacturing, finance, sales and marketing, supply chain, clinical trials, content management, credit bureaus, and other business domains across many industries.