Lex Bruil

After his study (MSc in Astronomy, 1982 Utrecht University) Lex started his career in IT in 1983 for the software company Ordina. In this employment he worked on projects for the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, the Dutch railway company and the ING Bank. In 1998 he moved to the ING Bank where he’s still working. Since 2000 he’s participating on projects for the financial data warehouse of ING Bank. His main activities are information and business analysis, and requirements engineering.

Fact Based Modelling drew his attention in 1987 when a colleague told him about NIAM. He read the NIAM book of Wintraecken. Shortly after, he was trained on information modelling by Joost van Griethuyzen. Joost told him about the modelling principles of ISO/TR9007 and trained him in using this with INFOMOD. In 1989 Lex attended a workshop about information modelling with NIAM given by Sjir Nijssen. In 1991 he attended the workshop on process- and eventmodeling also given by Sjir Nijssen.

Seven years later he meets Sjir Nijssen again, both working on the same program for the ING Bank where the precursor of CogNIAM was used for the related activities and projects.

From 2007 till 2010 Lex has trained about 40 data warehouse colleagues in information analysis using CogNIAM.

He was a member of the program committee of the ORM workshops in 2007(Portugal), 2008(Mexico), 2009(Portugal) and 2010(Greece).

Since 2010 he’s a member of the Fact Based Modelling Working Group.