Inge Lemmens

After her study (MSc in Knowledge engineering, 1996 Maastricht University) Inge started her career as research assistant at the University of Maastricht. Her research focused on “computational reflection”. Besides research, Inge taught courses in, amongst others, Logics, conceptual modeling and computer science in general.

After her academic career, Inge joined PNA Group in 2003 in the function of “research and development”. Inge’s first responsibility was to extend the version of CogNIAM with process modeling. This challenge resulted in an updated version of CogNIAM, which is also supported by PNA Doctool, the software tool for which Inge is the project manager. Besides this, Inge has been involved in several consultancy jobs for insurance, finance and telecom organizations. Since 2009, she is involved as PNA’s technical leader of the ESA project in which the fact-based modeling methodology and tool called FAMOUS is being developed. 

Inge has published several scientific and professional papers.

Since 2010, Inge is member of the Fact based modeling Working Group.